Book Review

Mommy Brain Keeps Me Away

I’m alive. I just have terrible pregnancy/mommy brain on top of being tired. I’m slowly starting to feel more like myself as I enter the second trimester, so I’m considering a return of Manuscript Critiques for the month of October and maybe November. I will not be beta reading or doing book reviews unless I feel like reading. Right now, my brain is focused on mommy things and I can’t focus on a book. Looking at my screen makes me feel dizzy, so I’ve also been avoiding social media. 

We have another big move after Christmas–yes, two or three months before I give birth. I’m thrilled *sacrasm*. I don’t feel like I can nest properly, which is hitting me sooner this time around than it did with Oli. Being stuck in an apartment I can’t prepare, other than pack, is frustrating. But, silver lining is my morning sickness is pretty much gone. 

Just a quick update 😁 

Hope everyone had a lovely summer, and is looking forward to Halloween. I know we are! 🍁

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