July 2017 WIP




Working Title: Book of the Dead 

It didn’t start with a virus. There was no biological warfare, scientific freak-accidents or deranged outbreak caused by a single ravenous bite. The bodies of the dead didn’t die and rot from infection then grotesquely reanimate immediately following their deaths. And though there were multitudes of the dead rising from their graves, chaos ensuing from the sheer panic of unprepared men, women and children, the dead were–at least in the beginning–controlled by a single force, awoken for a specific purpose.

Our house stood silent again, as did the earth, but the silence did nothing to ease the growing knot in my stomach. The damage had been done, the spell had been cast, and I had damned the world to hell.

Working Title: Aurora, book one in the Aletheia Stones series.

When an ancient war between Reon’s angels and Kas’s demons threaten the safety of the Fae Realm, Reese, Alex and Ethan must find Analie, who has no memory of her past life or the powers she posses, in order to defeat the Demon Lord and bring peace to the three realms.