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Manuscript Critique – $2 per 1000 words

An annotative critique. Includes comments in the margins of your manuscript and a 2-5 page summary of my thoughts. For fiction manuscripts I look at pacing and flow, character development, dialogue, tension, plot and character arcs, scene construction, climax and resolution, voice, style, and minor grammar edits. This does NOT include full copy-editing, rewriting, or proofreading. Turn around is 2-4 weeks, depending on word count.

Re-Read Report – $50 flat fee

Includes 1-2 page summary of my final thoughts. Does not include annotative edits, copy-edits, or proofreading. Turn around 3-5 days, depending on word count.

Payment accepted through PayPal.
Free sample available. 

I offer developmental and substantive edits, as wells as copy-editing and proofreading on request. Prices may vary. Contact me for more information.

Manuscript Critique Request