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Deal of the Week! 

Manuscript Critique Get a free chapter sample and in-depth critique of your work-in-progress. Only $50 for your first 20,000 word count!  This is is annotative critique. Includes comments in the margins of your manuscript and a 2-5 page summary of my thoughts. I look at pacing and flow, character development, dialogue, tension, plot and character… Continue reading Deal of the Week! 

Manuscript Critique

#WitlingWriter Discount

This discount applies ONLY to members or campnano cabin members of WitlingWriter.   Partial Payments accepted up to invoice due date. Paypal payment accepted. See what's included in a MS Critique and request a price quote. For any other payment negotiation, contact me today. Thank you for your friendship and support! ♥ You know who you are.

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Manuscript Critique

I'm booking one more manuscript critique for the last week of June. If you're interested in sending me an unfinished/partial or completed WIP, I give an deep critique with annotative comments, as well as an overall report on the big picture issues of your story. To learn more: Click Here or you can contact me.  My… Continue reading Manuscript Critique

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MS Critiques, Book Reviews & Beta Reading

I'm now accepting requests for Manuscript Critiques, Book Reviews/ARC and Beta Reading for the month of JUNE. I accept a wide variety of genres and formats. Click on the appropriate link below to submit a request, and check out my testimonials while you're at it. After doing annotative (in-line) and content critiques as a beta reader, I've… Continue reading MS Critiques, Book Reviews & Beta Reading

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Where is Heather?

I'm here, I promise. Can't you tell? I've changed my layout at least three times this week. I'm just a little busy. It's not an excuse. Well, maybe it is, but it's a good one this time. And, no, I'm not drinking wine as I write this...get out of here. Here's what I'm up to: On… Continue reading Where is Heather?