Manuscript Critique

I’m booking one more manuscript critique for the last week of June. If you’re interested in sending me an unfinished/partial or completed WIP, I give an deep critique with annotative comments, as well as an overall report on the big picture issues of your story. To learn more: Click Here or you can contact me. 

My book review and beta reading requests are currently CLOSED for JUNE, but I’ll be booking for July soon, so go ahead and send me a request 💚

MS Critiques, Book Reviews & Beta Reading

I’m now accepting requests for Manuscript Critiques, Book Reviews/ARC and Beta Reading for the month of JUNE. I accept a wide variety of genres and formats. Click on the appropriate link below to submit a request, and check out my testimonials while you’re at it.

After doing annotative (in-line) and content critiques as a beta reader, I’ve decide to offer manuscript critiques with more in-depth feedback for complete or unfinished manuscripts. My beta reading now consists of 1-2 pages of feedback or a book review on my blog for polished manuscripts and ARC. My book reviews will remain the same, and will be posted on this blog, Amazon and Goodreads.

Manuscript Critique

Beta Reading

Book Reviews

Thanks to all who submitted in the past, and who took the time to write me a testimony (if you haven’t, please send one). I’ve enjoyed reading your WIPs & books! You ALL inspire me. ♥


Beta Reading, Revising, & Book Reviews

I had a long list of books posted on my “currently reading” list, and while I’m dying to get back to them and do some new reviews, I’ve also been pretty occupied the last two weeks with beta reading. I’ve read four different works in progress by four different writers. I’m super pumped about it, learning a lot, getting to use some of my skills to help others, as well as making some supportive writer friends. It’s awesome! I never realized how much Twitter would aid me in my writing goals. I’ve actually been more productive since spending my time there instead of on Facebook, which I’m over…get out of here with your political posts *eye roll* *sigh*

I’m still doing heavy revisions on my own books. I’m antsy to send off my paranormal romance to my own beta readers, but it’s not quite there yet. I have had some great insight given to me on pieces of it though, which has really helped me move things along. Again, thanks twitter peeps!

I still get flooded with book review requests, and I’m adding some of those books to my wish list, but for now it’s kind of taken a back seat, unless it’s an audible version.

I am trying to keep up with my daily word prompts, on top of some of the awesome questions and prompts on twitter at the hastags #authorconfessions #mythmadnesswip #dreamwip These have been enlightening and fun. So, if you haven’t challenged yourself lately, I suggest starting here. Make it even more of a challenge by only using one tweet to answer your question in. Limiting your WIP to a few characters is super hard lol, but fun.

Anyway, this is where I am and what I’m doing, so if you want to join in on some of the awesome twitter fun, come follow me @annhlynn and I’ll give you a few tips on what I’ve been doing to motivate myself and others ♥