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Of Cinder and Madness by Nicole Zoltack

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Kindle Version. 

Short Summary: A dark Cinderella re-telling. Finding her happily-ever-after and falling in love prove difficult for Angelique when her stepdaughter, Eleanore, threatens her life and the lives of her two daughters with dark magic.

My Review: Exciting dark twist to a normally happy story, this book kept me glued to the page from start to finish. Its fast pace makes it a quick read. There wasn’t one time where the narrative slowed or interrupted me. The backstory, the time jumping from past to present and the dialogue were well written and well executed.

This might be one of my new favorite Cinderella stories. I didn’t want it to end, and look forward to reading more from Nicole Zoltack.

I read this book for my own enjoyment.

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Get In My Head: Jared’s Story by S.M. Holland

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Short Summary via Goodreads: Abandoned by his family and made to live in a hellish mental hospital, Jared is forced to face the monster within himself. On the outside, he seems like your average teenage boy, but on the inside, his mind is threatening to tear him apart.

My Review: Quick, yet gripping read. I sat down to start this book yesterday after I was given the ARC by the author, and ended up not being able to put it down until I finished it. I love the book cover, the characters, and the tangible frustration and fear the main character feels throughout the entire story.

I was hesitant when the narrative turned into a journal entry. I’ve read too many stories written in diary or letter form, where the story drags on through telling instead of showing, but this story is well written and switches between the narrative and the Jared’s journal pov. There’s not one lag in the pace at all. The tension keeps you locked into the story, even when there are reflective, down moments.

I wasn’t surprised at the twist in this story. But, even being able to predict what would happen didn’t ruin the emotional reaction I had when the main character came to the same realization of events. Some of these events were a surprise, however, making the situation dark and uncomfortable, which I felt kept true to the realistic aspect of treatment many patients unfortunately face.

This book will make you cringe, maybe cry, and make you angry. It’s emotionally gripping until the end. I love how S.M. Holland includes the suicide helpline and other resources for those who may need them. She’s an understanding and loving author, who clearly cares for many who struggling through similar situations, and wouldn’t hesitate to extend a helping hand to those in need.

Thanks for the opportunity to read your new release. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommended this eye opening story to everyone.



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False River by H.G. Reed 

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Short Summary via Amazon:

“When the devil slinks into a small mountain town seeking a favor from a familiar face, a haunted farmer strikes a deal to restore the soul he sold over ten years ago. But secrets never stay buried, and Joe Lawson is willing to risk everything to save his family from the devil’s wrath, even if it means working with her again…and killing for her. When angels intervene to lend their aid, Joe must confront his past, present and future before his forty days are up, or else lose everything that matters in this world.”

My Review: 

I enjoyed this inspirational and thought-provoking story of a man who needs a miracle to save his soul, family and land. In the end, he learns his freewill remains intact, and it’s his choices which determine the outcome of his story. God is ultimately in control, even when Joe feels his life is spiraling out of it. 

My only critique is of the background storytelling of Joe and his wife Catherine. There’s so much of it, it slowed the pace of the action in the first few chapters. The story, for me, starts when the angels arrive. I wish it would have started here, filling in the backstory as it goes without so much telling. This being said, the characters are well-developed and the pacing picks up, keeping you emersed in the story until the end. 

Reed’s writing style makes this book a quick and easy read, while discriptively building up to the climax, where the Angels go to war with the Devil over the soul of man. 

I was given this ARC free for review, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Congratulations to H.G. Reed on her book release. I hope it’s one of many to come. I look forward to reading more from you in the future. 

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Book Review, Science Fiction

Voyager by Carl Rackman

34334877My Rating: 5/5 stars


Short Summary:
FBI agent, Brad Barnes, fights for the survival of the human race against conspirators after Callie Woolf, the Voyager Project Manager, uncovers a series of increasingly disturbing images picked up by a tiny prob that’s hurtling through outer space more than twelve billion miles from Earth.

Voyager is a riveting sci-fi conspiracy thriller! It’s well written, full of descriptive detail and well-rounded characters. From page one, I was gripped by Brad, my favorite character, who can’t seem to catch a break. However, like agent Ferguson, I question the believably of his relationship with Mirage, a woman who tries to kill him.

The action scenes throughout the story set the pace for the book, keeping you engaged as you uncover the mysteries surrounding Voyager One. I did get tripped up a few times, getting lost in some of the lengthy paragraphs. There’s nothing specifically wrong with the narrative; the writing and descriptions are spot on, but I would have liked more paragraph breaks throughout the book. It would help maintain the pace through the explanations, jargon and the characters’ internal thoughts. I may have missed pieces of the story here, or felt I didn’t need the information to keep up, so I skipped it or skimmed it.

As the story progresses, there are more character perspectives added here-and-there, which I liked. It helped me see clearly the picture the author was trying to paint. There were, however, a few chapters that switched pov within the same scene, which I found distracting. Some of these were minor mistakes, but others were unnecessarily used to expand on an idea or situation.

Overall, I enjoyed this thrilling sci-fi, and look forward to finding out where the characters go from here. My reviews of Voyager are on Goodreads and Amazon, and I follow Carl Rackman on Twitter and Facebook.