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Looking for some good books/series to read this summer? Let me recommend: I'm also finishing Peter Pan and will be starting The Black Witch audible by Lorie Forest. Check back for my reviews. Beta Reading and Book Review requests closed for the month of June. My current reading goal for the year is 100 books.… Continue reading Currently Reading:

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Soulmated Swag!

Look at all this awesome stuff that author, Shaila Patel, sent me! I had no idea when I opened my mailbox yesterday that I would be getting this sweet package. It made my day! I'm reading Soulmated currently, and about halfway done with it. Loving it, and the book has such a gorgeous cover. ♥

Currently Reading

Currently Reading

This morning I'm writing, but this afternoon I have a lot of mommy duties I need to get done, so I'll be listening to a few audios. I always finish audio version fairly quickly, so if you have an audio version of your book that you'd like me to check out, comment below with a… Continue reading Currently Reading

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Did You Make the Cut?

Goodreads Reading List Updated:  You made the cut, and I made it past chapter 1. Congrats! ♥ The following are books that I can't finish due to the lack of format editing, too many grammatical errors, or too much "story telling" going on and I ended up being uninterested. Sorry! I tried.