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Fire in the Woods by Jennifer M. Eaton

My Rating: 4/5 Stars

Summary via Goodreads: “When a plane crashes in the woods near Jess’s home, the boy of her dreams falls out of the sky—literally. But David’s not here to find a girlfriend. He’s from another planet, and if Jess can’t help him get back to his ship, he’ll be stuck on Earth with nothing to look forward to but the pointy end of a dissection scalpel…”

My Review: Tension filled, ET romance! This book was a fun adventure.

The main character is cute, but a little dumb at times. It was hard to like her in the beginning when she’s swooning over this alien, who looks like a handsome celebrity. Very juvenile behavior at times, especially when she’s talking to her best friend Maggs about David. I like her rebellious spirit, but there were times she could have put two-and-two together and realized this guy is the fugitive on the run… Her being that dense ruined the beginning of the book for me. She’s suppose to be going into her senior year of high-school, is submitting college applications, but she still acts (in my opinion) like a middle-school girl with a crush. All that said, her goals are clear, internal and external conflicts are set up well. And, I did like her friendship with David, how it developed. Though, I wished at times David was more ignorant of his surroundings and how to behave on this planet. He was almost too human to be believable as an alien.

The pacing and tension in the conflict is great. Jess’s relationship with her friends and her father are perfect! This is a book I was able to speed read through because the pace never faltered. There were descriptions I missed, major ones, however. I’m not sure if it was because I was ready to get back to the dialogue, or if some of the narrative was too full of description.

I sped through this adventure. Pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it, despite the complaints I had. By the end, I needed to know what happened next, and bought the second book. Review to come. 



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Helping Each Other by Ada Austen

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Kindle Unlimited

A Native Romance Novel

Short Summary:
Joseph Chattoche is tormented by guilt, haunted by the recent death of his wife, while Shannon Gallagher is content living alone in her family home as she searches for the last of her relatives. Both are unsure how they will overcome their tragic pasts, opening up their hearts to love again, until they meet each other. 

My Review: 

I beta read for Ada Austen’s work-in-progress, Better Late Than Never, which is another stand-alone similar to this romance novel. I’ve enjoyed following the different characters through their hardships to find and accept love in both books, and I love Austen’s writing style. Though there are places throughout the book that could benefit from minor edits or proof-reading, the story maintains a good pace, the dialogue moves the story along with the action, and the characters keep you engaged and blushing.

It was exciting to see a small glimpse of the characters I already knew from Better Late Than Never. I think knowing Austen’s writing style, and the similarities between her characters, helped me overlook some of the distracting point-of-view shifts in the scenes. However, I think the structure of the book would be greatly improved by separating Shannon and Joseph’s points-of-view into their own chapters. Having both of them telling the story at the same time is confusing. Separating the characters’ stories would also cut down on the long-winded chapters, which could use some reorganizing. 

I would have liked to see a stronger emotional response from Shannon when she interacts with her mother. Her story builds toward this moment from the beginning, and though I liked the direction it ultimately took, her initial reaction could have been more emotionally gripping. 

Overall, this book kept my eyes locked in place until I had finished it in one sitting. I’m hooked on Austen’s characters, and look forward reading more of her books to come! 

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Soulmated by Shaila Patel

26928871My rating: 5/5 stars

Beautiful Hard-copy version

Short Summary via amazon: Eighteen-year-old Liam Whelan is an Irish, royal empath, is searching for his elusive soulmate when he meets Laxshmi Kapadia, an Indian-American high school student from a traditional family. Liam’s father isn’t convinced Lucky is “The One,” and Lucky’s mother won’t even let her talk to their handsome new neighbor. Will Liam and Laxshmi defy expectations and embrace a shared destiny? Or, is the risk of choosing one’s own fate too great a price for the soulmated?

My Review: 
Beautiful inside and out, I’m so glad I pre-ordered this YA book when it was released. It’s engaging and unique!

Soulmated is an easy read. I loved the chemistry between the characters, and the frustration of teenage romance between the expectations of their parents and their cultural differences.

This is a great choice for YA readers and adult paranormal/fantasy romance readers alike. Do yourself a favor, though, and buy the hard-copy because you’ll want to add this beautiful cover to your library!

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The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe

My Rating: 5/5

Short Summary: Connie Goodwin is working on her dissertation, while also attempting to prepare her grandmother’s abandoned house for sale over the summer. She discovers a family secret when she finds a key and a piece of paper with the words “Deliverance Dane” on it. Curiosity gets the better of her and she begins to uncover her family history in relation to Salem Witch Trials.

My Review: One of my favorite books of all time, this book is amazing on the inside as it is beautiful on the outside. The cover of the book makes this book irresistible to pick up and inspect, and the characters within are well developed. I picked this book up by chance at a bookstore, read a few pages, and then decided to risk hating the book by buying it on the spot. I’m so glad I did judge this book by its cover!

Katherine Howe tells multiple tales within the story, giving the reader a chance to piece together the secrets of the past with Connie as she experiences the witchcraft and wonder behind her family history and her own abilities.

I bought this book for my own enjoyment. I highly recommend you do the same!

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My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares

My Rating: 5/5

Short Summary: Daniel continuously searches for his love, Sophia, in each of reoccurring lives. He travels the world, learns new languages, meets a multitude of people, and never gives up the hope that one day he will be reunited with her and that she will remember him from their original lives together

My Review: I always fall in love with $3.00 books I find at random, but if you pick this one up be ready for a disappointing ending.

I loved this book. I was hooked right away from the re-telling of Daniel’s past lives and the struggles he has gone through to find Sophia. I enjoyed the back-and-forth events between what Sophia is doing in her present life, and what Daniel has to say about his past that leads up to how they both came to be where they are now. It is a sweet romance. Of course, you are always hoping that the two end up together. It becomes frustrating at times when they come so close to each other and then are ripped away by death or another tragedy. The twists and turns of the story kept it interesting.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who was completely thrown by the ending of this book. I am not talking about the annoyingly, heart shattering, dream killing cliff hanger at the end, but the events leading up to it. I enjoyed being surprised. I did not enjoy being left hanging, though. There are some books that end really well with cliff hangers, but this is not one of them…unless the author is planning a comeback. I’ve never been a fan of ending a book like that unless you are planning on either being stoned by your audience, or will be continuing a series. Other than the ending, I really couldn’t find a lot wrong with it. It is very well written, as most of her books are, and the journey Daniel goes on to find his love is inspiring.

One life time is not long enough when you are truly in love.

I bought this paperback for my own enjoyment, and read it in about 24 hours. Great Book.