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Voyager by Carl Rackman

My Rating: 5/5 stars ARC/Kindle Short Summary: FBI agent, Brad Barnes, fights for the survival of the human race against conspirators after Callie Woolf, the Voyager Project Manager, uncovers a series of increasingly disturbing images picked up by a tiny prob that's hurtling through outer space more than twelve billion miles from Earth. Voyager is a riveting… Continue reading Voyager by Carl Rackman

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Cursor Blink by Michael Blackbourn

My Rating: 5/5 stars Short Summary via Goodreads:  Piya Johar, a university researcher acts as AI warden, midwife, and executioner. Her role is to determine if AI trapped in the special isolated system would be a curse to humankind or its savior. She knows the risk of engaging with the AI and the university constantly… Continue reading Cursor Blink by Michael Blackbourn

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A Soul Divided by Daniel M. Quilter

My Rating: 5/5 Stars Short Summary via Goodreads: As the galaxy is torn apart by war between the Mystics and the technologically advanced Human Empire, Drake Ashbell finds himself caught up in a conflict that will take him to distant worlds, make him face his tragic past, and test the limits of his soul. My… Continue reading A Soul Divided by Daniel M. Quilter